Thursday, October 27, 2016

Benefits of Mentoring Others.

I've been missing my blogs for awhile now.  I read other people's and love them and miss writing mine. it is again.

I've had the honor for several years now of being asked to mentor a few people in recovery.  I, of course, hope they benefit, but for sure I benefit more.  Every time I suggest that someone practice a new behavior or thought pattern I realize that I could benefit from doing the same thing.

I don't suggest things that I haven't done and benefitted from myself,  but most things I've tried were good for a lifetime and not just a one time deal to solve one problem.  So...sure enough going back to a spiritual practice I've forgotten about is almost a thrill.

In the past week or so, I've suggested writing out decisions made with the help of a Higher Power and a wise person, and then reading what we've written every day for as long as it takes to integrate the new idea into my soul. 

This practice reminds me of my meditation practice.  I really only stay in the peaceful silence for about four breaths before my mind wanders.  After awhile I remember what I'm doing and return to the silence.  It lasts about four breaths...The same thing happens with decisions.  My mind wanders.  The events of the day take my attention.  The next thing I know I'm back practicing old ideas and habits. 

Thanks to my own mentors, I have a whole lot more patience with myself than I used to.  The mantra needs to be "never, never, never, ever give up."

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