Saturday, October 27, 2012

Radical Acceptance

Let's see now - I've been practicing the principles of the program on a daily basis for over 29 years.  You would think I would have reached enlightenment by now.  But...  On the other hand, I'm certainly a lot more mellow than I used to be.  As we say, "it's progress, not perfection."  The thing is, one of the principles is that there really are no problems; that everything in our lives is meant for our good.  With gritted teeth, people say, "Grrrr!  Another growing experience!" 

I've alway accepted the truth of this principle, but I still reacted emotionally to almost everything that happened that I didn't like.  I hate to say anything in case I'm wrong but I think I'm actually beginning to see how my attitudes and judgments about any experience I'm having cause any negative emotions I might have.  If I imagine that I have an opposite attitude about an experience than my usual "this is bad" reaction, I can often see where the good is in the experience.  I'm telling you what, it's a very weird feeling!

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