Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily Work

I heard in a meeting a few months ago - "When I go to sleep at night, everything I've learned in the program falls out of my head and I have to start all over when I wake up!"  I immediately knew that I had the same problem.  I cannot even skip one day of working my program or I immediately find myself dealing with my old self and my old ideas.  This problem is very hard to describe.  But let me take a shot at it.

For example:  my ego is still bigger than I'd like it to be which means that I can still get my feelings hurt by something someone else says or does. Right away my mind starts planning how I can protect myself.  However, my program says that it's pointless to get upset with someone who's trying to grow up just like I am.  When I remember that, I stop being upset.  We're all imperfect and accidentally step on each other's toes.  Sometimes we even do it on purpose with the intent of hurting.  However, when someone does that to me, it's a reflection of their fear and is not necessarily about me.   My job is to watch my own behavior.  I really have nothing to fear from other people.

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