Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Pix

Rehearsal Dinner

Vietnamese tradition - the groom's family gives the bride's family a pig.  Here it is - ready to be eaten!

Dad and groom

Rebecca, groom's sister, bride's mom and sister plus groom's grandad and wife in the background.

Bride's sister and boyfriend with bride's mom in the background taking a picture.

Rebecca and Jeremy
Groom, bride's mom and bride.

Groom's brother and date
Groom's brother looking sad because it's sparkling cider and not champagne
Pig after dinner.

Lynn, Uncle Sam and Anita waiting for the ceremony.  Uncle Mike looking at the door waiting for the wedding party to come out.

And here they come - Aaron, best man, Steve, Liz (groom's mom) escorting the groom.
Bridesmaids looking for the bride

Groom and chaplain waiting for the bride.

And the bride made it!

Jeremy and Bec
Bride and groom eating the fabuloous food.
And a good time was had by everyone!!!

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