Wednesday, May 09, 2012


First picture - playground at the park nearest my house.  If you're older than six you can't get on this playground equipment.  Bummer.
Above - picture of the podium and stage at the Springtime in the Ozarks conference.  Very dramatic and suited for the dramatic story that followed.
Along the street in Eureka.

View from the balcony outside our room in Eureka.
My friend Cynthia's back yard of her office.  The pigeons are always happy there because they are so liberally fed.
I took this picture out the window of my car and it appears I was holding the camera crooked.  But it's still a terrific looking tree!
My friend, Phyllis, had a coupon for this Jamaican restaurant.
My hydrangea bush is blooming.
Stew with ground chicken.  Never made this stew with ground chicken before, but it's pretty good.

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