Monday, September 19, 2011

Stuff to be Grateful For

I'm writing this to remind me when I have a bad case of self-pity and can't remember what to be grateful for, that I have more to be grateful for than I can even ever write down:

  • Hot bubble baths (thanks to the people who did the work to make my bathtub, the hot water, the Vitabath, etc.)
  • God for giving me life, helping me live this long, helping me find recovery, my recovery from injuries.  Plus my surgeon, body work tech, physical therapists, etc.
  • God for giving me children and grandchildren that are marvelous.
  • God for giving me the stubborness it has taken for me to keep trying when things looked hopeless or impossible.
  • God and everyone else who has ever loved me and shown me their love.  (Seems like thousands)
  • Living in a country where good food is plentiful.
  • For the good luck to have a comfortable house, in reasonably good repair, that I think is beautiful.
  • For the God given talent I have for problem solving.
  • For all the people who are kind to me every day.
  • For my mother who taught me to read when I was four and reading has been both a pleasure and a great help throughout my life.
  • For my fabulous friends.
There's a fabulous start!

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