Thursday, July 28, 2011


Montana golden rod.  Smells as pretty as it looks.
Motel in Billings, Montana.  Flew into Billings because there are no airports anywhere near Lame Deer.
Close up of the gorgeous petunias at the Billings motel.
Horse at the Billings airport.  Not real, of course.  Why is there a horse at the airport?

Here's the only pic that came out that I took at my birthday bash (celebration of decrepitude).  After this one is my birthday at the family birthday - both my grandsons and mine.  We're at Olive Garden and I'm eating who knows what.  After that is a picture of my dentist's garden outside his office.  I want one like that at my house.
I want a lavender garden like this one in my yard instead of a neighbor's yard.

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2DogStudio said...

Hi Mary Ann! My name is Lori Blaylock, the creator of the airport horse. ;) just found your blog. What a fun find. I think the question should be, why doesn't every airport have a crazy bean horse in the luggage area? Have a beautiful day! Lots of love.

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