Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loving What Is

I'm still listening to an audio book by Byron Katie, but it's the second one now.  I finished listening to the first one during the two hours I waited for AAA to come and change my flat tire.  It was the perfect thing to be listening to while waiting because it motivated me to try to see the wait as the perfect thing to happen so that I could finish listening to the book.  AAA was extremely apologetic about the wait, but I was only mildly irritated thanks to what I was listening to.

All this is making me more aware of what actually happens around me that I could be enjoying if I were paying attention.  Today I went to the neighborhood Walmart which is basically a grocery store.  There's a guy that works there who gathers up the shopping carts.  He has dredlocks and wears some sort of clothing that appears be be Sufi or something like that.  He never looks at anybody, just goes about his business.  Today I smiled at him and immediately he came over to me and put his hand near my messed up right leg.  I think he said - the blessed mother of healing has healed your leg and so it is.  I thanked him and went in the grocery store.  That was a nice way to begin the morning.

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