Saturday, November 20, 2010

365 Project

The sculpture at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame taken before the Writers' Conference.
The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is the old Tulsa train station.
Minky at his birthday party before he got his new front teeth.
My neighbors are big on decorating for holidays.
Kristin felt sorry for me that I didn't have a fall mat so she fixed this one up.

Kristin picked some flowers for me.

Plus I have some new refrigerator art from Kristin.
Mara and I visited Philbrook and saw the gardens - wow!!!!

Here's Mara.
Here's me.
Kristin in her Halloween costume!
The benefit garage sale drew some interesting customers.
Here's Mary and Danna at the garage sale that will help Mary get to Greece with her daughter for the International Special Olympics.
Went to the park with Kristin and she found some new people to play with.
Aaron and Sofi at Thein's birthday party.
This is my kitchen table mess before I found a solution.
Here's my kitchen table after I found a solution.  (I love the new tablecloth I found at the benefit garage sale.)
And here's what the solution was - the wonder file.  You put your mess in the pockets and at the end of the day you fold it up.  Yay for solutions.


ericmix said...

LOVE all the new pics, and the tablecloth is FABULOUS!!! Does Cisco like it? ; )
e : )

Liz said...

Fantastic pics! And I love that tablecloth too! You were right about that file thing - amazing!

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