Thursday, July 29, 2010


Bec and I are well on our way in our adventure. We went to the Admiral Twin to see SALT last night. It was an adventure to find the theatre and an adventure to go to the bathroom. It wasn't exactly the classiest place to see a movie. The place we planned to eat dinner was closed for a private party so we went to Bodean's seafood which was sort of nearby. The adventure there was the prices on the menu so we decided to splurge. It was yum! Earlier that day we went to Woolaroc to see the shrunken heads (pictures later). Everyone should see shrunken heads before they die. They shrunk the heads but the eyelashes didn't shrink. It was very weird. More to come.


ericmix said...

I just keep picturing "Beetlejuice" ; ) Glad you two are having some cool adventures! "Salt" is next on my list to see, either this or next weekend.

Also, loved both "HARMONY" AND "FREEDOM" posts. Glad you're blogging more regularly! I took some pics the other day and am going to get back to posting more frequently.
e : )

Anonymous said...

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