Saturday, January 09, 2010


"Prayer is a good thing to wrap around us every day. Whenever we get in a jam, get confused, need help or don't know what to do next, taking a minute to talk to God and ask for guidance is a good call." Melody Beattie. 52 Weeks of Conscious Contact

This is pretty easy to forget. I grew up knowing from a young age that I needed to rely on myself. That's pretty scary for either a young kid or an adult of any age. If you're not scared when you're relying on yourself, you are under a delusion because none of us can do much alone. There is a part of me that reaches out to God and the ideas that come to me are based on love. I'm taken out of the fear that I'm in and put back into the knowledge that all is well despite appearances. This is what I'm using as a tool as so many changes are taking place in my life.

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