Monday, June 02, 2008

Here I Go

Tomorrow is the day before the surgery to fix the broken hardware in my leg and do another bone graft. I got the really important stuff done today - tan, manicure, trip to the hospital for pre-surgery stuff, trip to chiropractor to get my back straight before surgery, meeting with staff at the Association to map out a plan for a diversity outreach project. I know the tan and manicure sound frivolous but I've learned that the frivolous stuff makes me feel better. I'm out of some perfume that I love and I'm going to go get some tomorrow to take to the hospital. I am so very lucky - my friend who is a doctor will be here tomorrow and will go with me to the hospital and stay for three days and my oldest daughter will also be here. I am blessed even though my leg doesn't work. Also, tomorrow I will make some chili, vegetable soup and chicken breasts for the folks to eat while I'm gone. That will be comforting too.


Thien said...

Hi Mrs. Adam's grandma. Fighting. Please get well soon and be happy on the surgery table. Hope that you'll have a good dream when they put you to sleep (for a while).

Dee said...

Hi Mary Ann, hope everything went well this morning. Thinking of you.



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