Friday, September 15, 2006


I've been observing trends in language/slang for most of my life probably because my mother was an English teacher and she frequently commented on observations she made about how people talk. Several years ago I started saying "cool" about anything I thought was really wonderful. I picked it up from a woman I worked with who was very charismatic. It's a wonder I didn't pick up more from her! But now I'm really sick of saying "cool" about everything and I can't seem to stop. It's very annoying.

Another word that began to be commonly used a few years ago is, "absolutely." People seem to use it constantly as a synonym for "yes" when they want to put a lot of emphasis on the "yes." I hear it on television, at work, with friends.... I'm very tired of it too. I'm trying to think of a better synonym but so far no luck.

A new one I've just noticed is "at the end of the day" which seems to have replaced the phrase "when all is said and done." I just noticed it a few weeks ago and I'm already tired of it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how interesting. Do I use these words and phrases a lot?

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