Monday, September 11, 2006

Heart to Heart

I just returned from that annual retreat for women in recovery, and as usual, I feel as if I have a direction to guide me. It was somewhat of a challenge in an outdoor environment that wasn't designed to be wheelchair friendly. But thanks to friends and new acquaintances, all went well. As usual too, I slept quietly through the night without waking which is definitely not the way it goes at home. In a nutshell, I felt I received a kind of direction from both from my husband - wherever he is now - and from a higher power that it was time for me to take an in-depth look at how I am in relationships as well as what I should do next with my skills. Maybe I need to go to graduate school - seems a little silly at age 65, but not impossible. I'm certain I will become aware of more direction as time goes on. In the meantime, my mind is a little quieter.

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