Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keeping the Spark

Since people in recovery talk to each other about problems a lot, I've heard a lot from wives who are sick of their husbands demanding sex.  I have to laugh because my last husband never even came close to having to do that.

From what I hear, a lot of husbands think their wives are supposed to provide sex when they want them too, and they get mad if that doesn't happen.  I guess they just don't know what my husband knew.

Us girls are wired differently.  We aren't turned on by seeing you naked.  We might be turned on by help with the housework, sweet words of love, and hugs without a push toward sex. 

This might take a lot of time before we're in the mood - especially if you've been acting like we owed you sex on demand.  We're going to have to get over that.  At first we're going to think you're just trying to manipulate us into sex.  (which you are, of course.)

Speaking of time-- I don't mean a few hours.  It might be a few weeks.  Even then you're going to have to pretend you're in the back seat of the Chevy and you know it's going to take awhile for us to give in.  In fact maybe several make out sessions.

When we finally do give in, it had better be after a very long make out session.  And if you haven't yet learned how to make sex worth our while, you'd better study up on it.  And you better not roll over and snore.

Since my dear husband knew all this, there was never a problem.  He made sure I was always happy.  Best way to go, guys!


Eric Wayne Mix, DO said...

Hope those hetero men are paying attention! ; )

Mary Ann said...

Nah. Maybe the gals will take a stand.

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