Friday, March 30, 2012


Huge doses of steroids have put me back on my feet after a whole month of vertigo severe enough to keep me lying down with my eyes closed 98% of the time.  Apparently, this is caused by some kind of an inner ear problem (probably allergies), and a lot of other people have had it.  I tried ignoring it and getting around anyway, but I got so dizzy I fell.  That's not good since I've got a rather fragile body and don't need any injuries.  So, I gave in and did what worked -  lying pefectly still with my eyes closed.  Enforced meditation.  I told everyone I was pregnant since the dizziness made me feel like I had morning sickness.  (Amazing how you never forget the fun of morning sickness.  I read somewhere that if men got morning sickness, there would be a whole building full of a cadre of scientists looking for a cure.)  I ate a lot of soda crackers.  I wish I could say that I gained something from the experience - that it increased my spiritual growth or something.  But I guess the thing I mostly gained, was great gratitude for not being sick!

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