Thursday, November 03, 2011


My friend's garden.  The birds just flew away as I took this picture and they're not in it to my chagrin.
I have no idea what this is a picture of.
Aaron and Adam looking something up on the computer.
Thien is cooking.
Trying to get an action picture of these three - totally impossible.  Only Jeremy knows how to act.
Bec's beautiful shoes she wore to the homecoming dance.
Thien and Adam at Bec's homecoming game.
Bec's band at half time.
Band in the stadium playing like mad.
Drums at the homecoming game.
13 year old tap dancer at the Dance Movie event I attended where a friend of mine who's a ballerina was in one of the films.  (and it won first prize).  The little guy was a great dancer.  The only thing was I couldn't match his dancing with the music he was supposedly dancing to.
Bronze statue (new one) in the park next to a golf course.
Lake on the golf course outside the window of the meeting room where a group I attend meets every Sunday morning.
Sunday morning meeting in the "glass house" at a park.  View is of the lake on the golf course.

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