Monday, October 10, 2011

Why I Shop at a Ridiculously Expensive Grocery Store

  • The produce is fresher and lasts longer.
  • The produce doesn't have any pesticides on it.
  • The meat doesn't have growth hormones.
  • The milk doesn't have growth hormones
  • The cheese doesn't have growth hormones
  • The cows, chickens, etc. have not been tortured their whole lives.
  • The eggs are from vegetarian chickens (they didn't eat other chickens) so the eggs are lower in cholesterol.
  • The cows didn't eat other cows which means there's less chance of disease.
  • By spending my money there, help the farmers make money by growing clean produce and caring for healthy cows, chickens, etc.  I hope that when other food producers notice it pays to farm that way, they'll start doing it too.
  • They have a lot of stuff I really like but can't get anywhere else - like canned lentils.
  • Their flowers last twice as long but don't cost any more.

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