Thursday, June 02, 2011

Excitement at Walmart

Here's the story as best I understand it.  Some poor crazy guy with several guns kidnapped a guy in the little town called Prue and ended up with him at my Walmart market just a few blocks from my house.  He went into the Walmart, shot off a gun a few times, went into the parking lot and tried to hijack a car.  The occupant who was a Tulsa University student would not get out of the car so the guy just shot him in the head and moved on to a pickup with several people in it.  They all got out and the guy and his hostage drove off in the pickup.  By this time the whole area was covered with cops.  The guy crashed the pickup in the parking lot of a business across the street and started shooting at the cops.  Somehow the guy died in the shootout.  At this point no one is sure whether he shot himself or the cops shot him.  The hostage is okay. 

My thoughts were that we human beings have not figured out how to do life.  We'll never know now what was going on with the guy.  Besides I could have been at the Walmart but had decided to do that errand last on my list.  Once again it wasn't my time.

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