Thursday, December 09, 2010

December is still beautiful

Global warming or whatever it is, is making me really enjoy the 50 degree weather we're having.  My friend, Chuck, came yesterday and today to clean up my piles of leaves in the yard.  I am blessed.  Usually I just let the leaves blow away, but now I have this neighbor who rakes his and landscapes and all that.  I'm embarrassed so I called Chuck who came and bailed me out of my-neighbor-hates-me-hell. 

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ericmix said...

Maybe your neighbor actually loved you because he perceived that your yard made him look good? ; ) lol

Every day seeing more and more clearly how ALL of my suffering exists in the mind.... and it's falling away with each passing moment : )

Right before I asked for help to get sober, my greatest fear was that I was going to lose my mind. Now, I'm practicing diligently to do just that! lol : ))

Love you!
e : )

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