Saturday, April 05, 2008


Creole word meaning "a little bit extra." Pronounced "lanyap." A new word for me. However, it seems that everyone I know who has spent some time in Louisiana knows this wonderful word. I think this word is quite profound. Why not always give "a little bit extra?" Wouldn't that feel good? Wouldn't it be better than trying to give as little as possible? Since 1991 I have supervised people and found that many, many of them try to earn their paychecks by giving just a little bit less than I hoped. I think I may have done this too at some points in my life. It doesn't work. But giving a little bit extra makes everyone happy - especially the giver.

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Fighting a battle on my own said...

Hi, I read your profile and I was blown away by your courage. It's hard losing someone you dearly love but at least I know there's another person out there who has courage to move on.

it was really nice coming across your blog...

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